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Re: /media for sarge?

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 09:51:55AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > Achieving FHS compliance by upgrading could be sometimes very
> > tricky.  Please perform FHS compliance tests on newly installed
> > systems only.
> 	Umm. How would creation of these new directories impact my
>  system?  I agree that my fstab ought not to be mucked with, but
>  creating three dirs if they do not already exists ought to hurt
>  nothing? 

i think the issue was more of annoyance than impact... if a local
admin removes said dirs, he/she'd probably like them to stay gone.

> > If you use the latest base-files to install a new system, you will
> > get /srv, /media, etc.
> 	And are we abandoning the machines already running Debian? Why
>  do they not get FHS compliant, since third party software which one
>  might install may soon rely on the new directories?

i think i agree with the arguments against automatically creating them
in upgrades, but isn't this the type of one-time-question that debconf
would be good for?  that is, in the maintainer scripts, if the version
change is from pre-fhs to post-fhs, ask the user "upgrade to latest
fhs spec?"  this way, i think everybody would get what they wanted.


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