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Re: Bug#133578: gdm bug #133578. Intend to NMU.

Colin Watson wrote:
> Oh, yes please. Where did that phrase come from, anyway? As far as I
> know it was made up by somebody designing the web site at some point ...

I'm with you, I'd be very happy to see that removed.

Debian is not a universal operating system. I cannot run it on a cel
phone, I cannot run it on the ancillary processors integrated into my
computer (some of which may need non-free firmware, but that's another
thread), I cannot even run it on many PDAs. It doesn't run on life
support equipment, it doesn't control aircraft, it doesn't run on 8 bit
processors in my watch or alarm clock. I would like to be able to
run it on some of those things, but this seems unlikely to happen soon,
and if it does happen, will have more to do with changes to hardware
than to Debian. It's also never been in use on any other planets; at
least Wind River's stuff can claim that; we've never been more than a
few hundred miles up.

see shy jo

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