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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

Anthony Towns wrote:
> The whole point of switching to d-i was to ensure we could maintain our
> installer as we developed it -- it should thus be possible to keep doing
> betas as support for non-free firmware is developed.
> Is this impossible? Why?

Freezing the installer to pull a beta has similar, though lesser effects
on development as does to feezing unstable and testing to prepare a
release of Debian.

The only point in making a beta release is if we have something that we
think might be a final release candidate, or that is a useful snapshot
to take to get more testing from our users. If the installer is
effectively release-ready aside from not supporting non-free firmware,
then it's not ready for a final release, and there is no need of wider
user testing, so a beta only blocks development and testing of new
features for a week or two.

see shy jo

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