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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 12:06:05PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >> I am surprised to hear you say that, since I would personally have
> >> thought that was against the spirit of the social contract.
> > I'm sorry, you're mistaken. It was against Andrew's interpretation
> > of the social contract. It wasn't against mine, nor to the best of
> 	It certainly was against what I took the social contract to
>  be. 

I don't really understand how you could be a member of the project in
that case: we've never made any particularly strong efforts to rid the
Debian system of non-free documentation or other data. If you believed
that was in violation of the social contract, I can't really understand
your silence.

>  I never imagined that Debian was about only part of main being
>  free, indeed, as Bruce has stated, I, too, was under the impression
>  that the  SC and the DFSG applied to everything on the Debian CD.

Well, obviously it doesn't: the text of the GPL isn't distributed under
DFSG-free terms, for instance. The Debian logo isn't licensed under
DFSG-free terms either, for that matter. The doc-debian package doesn't
include a license for the Debian Manifesto.

I can't understand why you've been violating your best understanding of
the social contract by distributing make's docs in main. Don't you have
a problem with promising our users that you won't put anything non-free
in the Debian system, then going ahead and doing it anyway?

Violating the social contract -- doing something it explicitly forbids --
is different to not fully achieving the goals it implies, of course.

> > my knowledge the interpretation of anyone else responsible in that
> > area.
> 	I hasve no idea who you think are people responsible in those
>  areas. 

ftpmaster@debian.org have the final responsibility for ensuring packages
in main are DFSG-free. I'm not sure why you've got "no idea" of this.


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