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Re: Bug#239956: Full Debian install impressions and facts (another one)

Christian Perrier schrieb:
> Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
>>Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>>This question should not be asked on a new install of libssl0.9.7, only on
>>>upgrades.  Looking at the postinst, it seems correct:
>>It's possible that an upgrade was involved in the install, if the CD had
>>a slightly older version.
> This is highly probable as I used a d-i beta3 ISO for the test, which
> was made more than 1 month after beta3 release. If libssl0.9.7 had one
> release in the meantime, we have the correct explanation.

Openssl had a security updated which needed the services to restart.


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