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Full Debian install impressions and facts (another one)

This report is similar to the one I sent a few minutes ago but with
some different test conditions.

I had today a new server to be installed and got some time for doing
some tests regarding a "normal life" Debian installation. The purpose
was doing a "standard desktop install" test and see what happens, how
long it takes, how many times the user is prompted and so on.

The machine is a Dell Poweredge 400SC (SCSI U320, single Intel Pro/100
Ethernet, 36Gb hard disk)

I used the Debian Installer beta3 netinst CD.

The Debian Installer part went smoothly with all defaults. Not one
single glitch.

The installation was done in french (after choosing French/France in
first d-i screen).

At the tasksel step (which is the default package installation system
proposed), I have chosen the following tasks:

-Graphical Environment
-X-Window System
-Office environment
-Print server (the machine will be a file/print server)
-Traditional Unix server
-French environment

The debconf screen table is shown below. For explanations, see my
former mail about a "full" install.

On this install, the noflushd problem didn't happen. So I did the
whole install at "high" priority. Thus, the debconf screens count is

Package name       Useful     Useless     Total   fr-Translated  Should use d-i

console-data       0          1           1       1
exim4              2          0           2       2              2
gdm                1          0           1       1
popularity-cont..  1          0           1       1
samba              1          0           1       1
xserver-xfree86    6          0           6       6
libssl0.9.7        0          1           1       1

TOTAL             11          2          13      13

A few conclusions:

1) Very low debconf abuse

   The final count is thus 13 screens to which one should add about 15
   for Debian Installer itself.

2) French translation is perfect..:-)

Glitches and/or general overview

Same than former mail.

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