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Re: tg3 driver works without the firmware

Andreas Jochens wrote:
> I was hit by the removal of the tg3 driver from kernel-source-2.6.5
> (on a server with two Broadcom BCM5704 controllers on a MSI K8D board). 
> Looking at the tg3 driver, I found that the firmware is needed only for 
> TSO support (which can easily be disabled in the driver) and for one 
> special chipset (5701_a0). 
> I wrote a small patch (see below) making the firmware optional and 
> easily removable from the source file by simply leaving out all the 
> firmware related stuff between the second occurence of 
> #ifdef CONFIG_TIGON3_FIRMWARE and the corresponding #endif. 
> The patch works for me and others with disabled firmware. 
> However, neither upstream nor the kernel-source maintainer seem to be 
> willing to accept such a patch.

It seems a little bit silly to have working, tested code that fixes this
and no other option than this, but here's a third option:

Create a removed-modules package that builds the tg3 (and eventually
other) modules external to the kernel (should be fairly easy). Build
versions for the various kernels in the archive that lack the modules
(annoying ongoing amount of work). Include a removed-firmward (separate
source package for legal reasons?). This will be easy to integrate into
d-i if we have to.

see shy jo

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