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Re: Need help getting the latest gnucash to compile

"James A. Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:

> The latest version of gnucash will not compile on Debian sid and needs
> someone who really understands libtool, auto* to look into it.
> Unfortunately, I do not have time to learn more about these tools at
> this time.
> The problem stems from upstream working from a RH environment. They have
> refused to update the build tools and this must be done so the package
> compiles on all the arches Debian supports. With the latest release (1.8.9)
> it doesn't compile properly after the build tools have been rerun
> (libtooize, auto*, aclocal, intltoolize).
> It is possible the problem is related to the recent changes to libtool.
> The package will languish until someone can fix the release critical bug
> (#244016) this has caused.
> BTW, there is already a RFA for this package so feel free to take it
> over if you want.

I am willing to help since I like and use gnucash and I know the

Reading #244016, it just seems like a crash. Why do you say the
autotools are involved?


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