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Need help getting the latest gnucash to compile

The latest version of gnucash will not compile on Debian sid and needs
someone who really understands libtool, auto* to look into it.
Unfortunately, I do not have time to learn more about these tools at
this time.

The problem stems from upstream working from a RH environment. They have
refused to update the build tools and this must be done so the package
compiles on all the arches Debian supports. With the latest release (1.8.9)
it doesn't compile properly after the build tools have been rerun
(libtooize, auto*, aclocal, intltoolize).

It is possible the problem is related to the recent changes to libtool.

The package will languish until someone can fix the release critical bug
(#244016) this has caused.

BTW, there is already a RFA for this package so feel free to take it
over if you want.

James (Jay) Treacy

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