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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

I just wrote a long answer and lost it somehow :-(  Again...

Quoting Thorsten Roggendorf <thorsten.roggendorf@uni-bielefeld.de>:
> Well maybe, but it should be printable on any puny canon inkjet ...

Could you send me the page margins that are OK (in mm/cm)?  On my
private HP inkjet the printout sucks anyway :-(

Problem: AFAIK in LaTeX all pages are of the same size.  Because of
the already insufficient space on the card, I don't want to make
the margin larger on all pages.  If somebody knows, how to tell
LaTeX to have a larger right margin on pages 1 and 4, and a larger
left margin on pages 2 and 5, please educate me!


1. Is ISO A4 paper easily available everywhere in the world, esp.
   the US?  If not, I may have to create a 'letter' variant.

2. How about a CD format (120mm^2 or so?) for including the refcard
   on upcoming sarge CDs?

Cheers, WB

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