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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction


I'm probably a bit late, but I have a few suggestions (the card is great

- You might want to mention the info command in the Getting Help
section. info can fully replace man, if no info page is found on the
system a manpage will be displayd, but if there is, it's often much more
useful (e.g. info find). info is to man what less is to more. Many
manpages even state that they are outdated and one should consult the
according info-page.

- Speaking of find: You might also want mention locate (and maybe
updatedb, which is related). For searching larger tree structure find is
unpractical especially if you do more than one search. Locate is suited
for simple find tasks and orders of magnitude faster.

- you mention dpkg-reconfigure console-common and ... locales:
mentioning language-env would fit in well there.

- I already mentioned this in another posting to the list, but anyway:
Featuring sudo you might also want to mention visudo. /etc/sudoers is
best edited with visudo if one can handle vi.

There are some things that may not be asked often, but that I would
consider essential for Debian / *nix users to be aware of:

- cron, /etc/crontab
- exim, /var/spool/mail
- dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
- ~/.bashrc
- /proc, /dev
- init, /etc/rc?.d/*
- /etc/apt/sources.list

Ok, that is all I can currently think of. Obviously it's too much to fit
on the reference card. But maybe you will agree on some issues.



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