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Re: buildd, weird tar problem and failure

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 09:02:49AM +0200, Christophe Prud'homme wrote:

> I read it and of course buildd did fail  because of this : the orig.tar.gz 
> does not contain those PAxHeaders.8890

Yes, it does contain them.  This has already been explained to you several
times.  You can see this easily by examining the archive with tar in a woody
chroot.  stable tar does seem to extract the archive OK; however, the
presence of the spurious PaxHeaders.8890 directory confuses dpkg-source.

> so my belief is that something is weird/broken  somewhere on buildd or 
> elsewhere (and not in my package)

That belief is incorrect.  If you repack the .orig.tar.gz using tar, it will
fix you prroblem.

 - mdz

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