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Re: buildd, weird tar problem and failure

[ Monday 19 April 2004 18.27 ]
| On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 09:48:07AM +0200, Christophe Prud'homme wrote:
| > I am the maintainer of several packages
| > I uploaded a new version freefem3d yesterday and buildd failed
| > after looking at the log I got this
| >
| > dpkg-source: extracting freefem3d in freefem3d-1.0pre3
| > tar: ./PaxHeaders.8890/freefem3d-1.0pre3: Unknown file type 'x',
| > extracted as normal file
| > tar: freefem3d-1.0pre3/PaxHeaders.8890/README: Unknown file type 'x',
| > extracted as normal file
| > tar: freefem3d-1.0pre3/PaxHeaders.8890/Makefile.in: Unknown file type
| > 'x', extracted as normal file
| > tar: freefem3d-1.0pre3/PaxHeaders.8890/configure: Unknown file type 'x',
| > extracted as normal file
| > ...
| Strange.  The buildd failure had nothing to do with these messages, though.
| Did you read the log?
I read it and of course buildd did fail  because of this : the orig.tar.gz 
does not contain those PAxHeaders.8890 however it appears that it is present 
on all platforms (except m68k which runs fine) and when buildd tries to build 
the package, it fails because the debian/rules does know where the code is 
since there is this PaxHeaders.8890 in the way everywhere.

Again on my PC the tarball is fine and on m68k everything is fine !
where do these PaxHeaders.8890 come from ?

One possible test

apt-get source -b -y freefem3d 

it runs perfectly on my pc from beginning to finish and absolutely no 
PaxHEADERS.8890 !!!

so my belief is that something is weird/broken  somewhere on buildd or 
elsewhere (and not in my package)

thanks for your answer
Best regards
Debian Developer 
Scienfific computing packages maintainer
Fingerprint = 3703 50DE 7A9F 024E 0F26  0D07 A18F B40B D4BE 1450

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