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Re: SSH file transfer doesn't handle filenames with blanks

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 01:34:00PM +0200, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> Hello List,
> To my great amazement, scp refused to copy filenames with blanks or worse
> characters (like an ampersand '&') in it.  Is that a bug in SSH?
> $ scp 'localhost:archiv/music/Sonata Arctica/Silence/12_Wolf & Raven.ogg'

Not really; it's a horrible quoting issue. When quoting filenames
with scp, you have to quote them twice, e.g.:

scp 'localhost:archiv/music/Sonata\ Arctica/Silence/12_Wolf\ \&\ Raven.ogg' .

... which is why sftp was invented; it's probably easier to use that.

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