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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

Here is my french translation of the refcard.
I'd suggest few changes :
  + Basic Shell Commands
    - Shouldn't be the -? arg add the the -h --help arg.
    - Change the 'lists.debian.org' link by the 
      'www.debian.org/MailingLists/' because it is
       + Translated in various language
       + Contains the debian lists usage policy which is,
         IMHO, a *must-read* for new users.
    - Change cp description or add -R arg to command synopsis
      (cp can't copy dirs without -R option).
  + APT
    - Who still uses more ? (keep less only)
    - Aptitude but not dselect ? (But i find the last one infinitly
      more user friendly !)
    - apt-get remove [..] -> Remove packages with all needed packages.
      Didn't you mean 'with all [consequenlty|now|any better word]
      unneed packages'.

You should also notice that I didn't translate the revision 
history. Would you like me to translate it ?
The Above suggestion have, of course, not been applied to the
sent translation.

I also did not translate the sentence :

    Run every time, the contents of one of repositories or the file
  itself changed.

in APT section cause I don't understand what do you mean.
Could you also put you're make file on-line, I've read the
db2latex stylesheet *-param*.xsl files and found that I have to use the
	--string-param latex.babel.language=french
arg. to have the right latex hyphenation and so on but can't find the 
options for the paper (a4 lanscape).

Thanks in advance,

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