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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

Quoting Nicolas CANIART <caniart.nicolas.no-spam@libertysurf.fr>:
> You speak about Databases, Webservers and Corba but is this really usefull
> for newbies and isn't too far from Debian, for a Debian specific card ?

In most cases, yes.  But I did this card straight from the questions
I got in the last four weeks.  The questions were not only about
apt-get, but also about PostgreSQL and omniORB4.  Anyway, all table
row already have an id attribute, and I will add id attributes to
the tables, so that an trivial XSL transformation can be used to
extract customised reference cards, if that's needed.

> And for new to Unix users shouldn't be basic stuffs like 'basis of regex
> syntax
> for shells and grep' good additions to make (when came from windows
> to linux world this 'intimidated' me a little) [the *pattern* argument
> appears many times on the currently online card]

Yes, regexp might be too complex for this little card, but shell
globbing (at least ? and *, maybe [], maybe {}) could find it's place.

> I volunteer for a french translation ... interrested ?

Of course!  Many thanks in advance.

Cheers, WB

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