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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

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On Thursday 15 April 2004 18.26, W. Borgert wrote:
> Quoting Nicolas CANIART <caniart.nicolas.no-spam@libertysurf.fr>:
> > You speak about Databases, Webservers and Corba but is this really
> > usefull for newbies and isn't too far from Debian, for a Debian
> > specific card ?
> In most cases, yes.  But I did this card straight from the questions
> I got in the last four weeks.  The questions were not only about
> apt-get, but also about PostgreSQL and omniORB4.  Anyway, all table
> row already have an id attribute, and I will add id attributes to
> the tables, so that an trivial XSL transformation can be used to
> extract customised reference cards, if that's needed.

Wow, if you go with that idea, and make it reasonably easy to create 
these customized refcards (good documentation, readable makefile, you 
know...), this could become more like a 'collection of Linux reference 
cards' than just one reference card - especially since I see much 
interest by many people in this thread.

> > And for new to Unix users shouldn't be basic stuffs like 'basis of
> > regex syntax
> > for shells and grep' good additions to make (when came from windows
> > to linux world this 'intimidated' me a little) [the *pattern*
> > argument appears many times on the currently online card]
> Yes, regexp might be too complex for this little card, but shell
> globbing (at least ? and *, maybe [], maybe {}) could find it's
> place.

I think a regexp section would be very good, but perhaps that's for 

The network section: ifup and ifdown are the Debian specific network 
configuration commands and should probably be mentioned.

ifup			start and stop network interfaces according
ifdown		to the configuration in /etc/network/interfaces

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