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Re: gdm bug #133578. Intend to NMU.

Le sam 17/04/2004 à 02:22, Daniel Ruoso a écrit :
> Em Sex, 2004-04-16 às 20:36, Colin Watson escreveu:
> > Your patch is incorrect. /etc/environment is *not* guaranteed to be
> > sourceable by a Bourne-style shell.
> > > But there's a patch submitted almost two years ago 2002/05/16.
> > That patch also assumes shell syntax. Read the documentation, people!
> Yes, I know. But it's guaranteed to have key=value pairs,  which can be
> understood as if it were.

No. It doesn't work if there is e.g. a space in one of the values. The
correct patch is the following:

TMP_LANG="`grep ^LANG= /etc/environment|tail -1|sed s/^LANG=//`"
if [ -n "$TMP_LANG" ]; then
  export LANG

> > There has been recent discussion among glibc people about how to fix it
> > *properly*, and it involves changes to either PAM or glibc.
> Could we have a provisory solution to this annoying bug wich is standing
> for 2 years?

The GDM maintainer has explicitly refused to fix this bug (and several
others). He also stated he will overwrite any upload fixing this. I'm
still not aware of any solution for this kind of issues; our structures
can't deal with a maintainer actively working against his package being
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