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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

Quoting Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de>:
> Perhaps you might like to add Zope (because the Zope port is different from
> default installation)
>    http://hostname:9673/

I'm not sure whether I will add that, because I never used Zope.
Btw. I will add id attributes to all tables, so that it will be easy
to create customised versions of the reference card.
If you send me a DocBook snippet about zope (<informaltable> identical
to the existing tables), I will add it to the source code, OK?

> I do not use MySQL but I think it should be worth mentioning.

Yes, but I'm not using it either.  Same as Zope, if one sends me
a DocBook text snippet, I will add it to the source.

> I would add to the help topic:
>     /usr/share/doc/<packagename>/README.Debian
> in addition to "Find all documentation here".

I will add this.

> The command sudo might be interesting to add (accompanied by the config file
> line which lets "sudo <command>" work.

I will add sudo.

> Regarding to the BTS you might perhaps add the links I mentioned at
> This are the top two questions regarding the BTS if I'm on exhibition
> boothes.

I will include all three links.

> Are you aware of the Debian Flyer which is available at
> May be it makes sense to copy the style ...

Hm, it took a huge piece of my weekend to steal successfully the
layout from BSD, so I don't like to work on layout again.  The only
thing I really want to do is to add foldmarks.

Thanks a lot!

Cheers, WB

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