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Re: Re: native packages

Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
> Not exactly a counterexample -- more like an almost could have been
> counterexample. :-) The libxml-xerces-perl package (upstream:
> Xerces-perl) has a dash in its upstream version number (see
> xml.apache.org).  The current upstream version is 2.3.0-4.  The
> current Debian package is 2.3.0-4-0.1.  This isn't a counter example
> because this is not a native package.  In principal, the upstream
> author could make a native package using his upstream version number
> which would create a counterexample.

Policy 5.6.11 says about upstream_version: "[...] If there is no
debian_revision then hyphens are not allowed; [...]". So this
"counterexample" isn't Policy-compliant.


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