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Re: hotplugging /e/n/i "auto" interfaces

 --- Oliver Kurth <okurth@gmx.net> wrote: 
> On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 13:34, J.D. Hood wrote:
> > So far as I can see, it makes no sense.
> Sorry, but it does make some sense. If you see the word 'auto' as
> derived from 'automatic', it can be understood as 'bring this interface
> up automatically'. So the confusion comes from the misleading name 'aut'
> where 'on-boot' was really meant.

It do agree that "auto" was a misleading choice of keyword.

> Actually, I filed a bug report months ago against hotplug which required
> exactly that feature, because at that time hotplugg'ed each interface in
> /e/n/i, which was very annoying, and I thought this is the only
> solution.

The solution that was implemented was for hotplug to call "ifup eth0=hotplug".

> I would not remove it now, because it does not hurt (at least IIRC
> /etc/init.d/networking will not cause too much trouble if it cannot up
> an iface that is not available).

I think it does hurt to implement a feature that is based on a
misconception.  It reinforces the misconception.

> > The interfaces brought up by S40networking obviously don't also need
> > to be brought up by S40hotplug.
> You will get an error, but it does not hurt much. Haven't tested it, but
> that's what I suspect.

When hotplug is configured in "hotplug-auto-interfaces" mode, hotplug
won't ever bring up any interfaces that wouldn't have been brought up
by S40networking anyway.  Thus, this mode could also be called
"do-nothing-but-produce-error-messages" mode.

> If it causes not too much trouble it can be left there.

But why leave it there?  It is useless and it was only introduced a
couple of days ago.

> I think we need a real and clean solution here. Using the mapping for
> hotplug is not a 'real' solution, but more a hack, and does not
> contribute to userfriendliness, intuition and homogenuous
> configurations.

What would be consistent with the current design of ifupdown is to
add "hotplug" keyword analogous to the "auto" keyword.  Then just
as S40networking does "ifup -a" to bring up all "auto" interfaces,
"ifup -h" or "ifup --auto=hotplug" or something would bring up all
"hotplug" interfaces.  Lots of different solutions could be proposed.
They all share the drawback of not having being implemented.  The
mapping-stanza solution, on the other hand, exists and works.

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