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Re: TrueType font policy / best practices?

Josselin Mouette wrote:

> Le mar 06/04/2004 à 12:07, Pasi Kärkkäinen a écrit :
>> The whole font subject is a big mess in Debian.
>> There seems to be no policy about fonts, and nobody knows where to put
>> them, or how to handle them.
> The fonts should be put in /usr/share/fonts, and registered through
> defoma. BTW, if they are registered through defoma, their location
> doesn't matter for defoma and fontconfig, but FHS mandates a location.

>> What path should I add to my fontpath to X (for gtk1/motif/etc apps) ?
> /var/lib/defoma/x-ttcidfont-conf.d/dirs/TrueType
Why isn't this in XF86Config-4 by default?  Oh, right, x-ttcidfont-conf is
strictly optional.  OK, isn't there some way for it to magically make its
fonts available without requiring the admin to manually edit XF86Config-4? 
Maybe via a local font server, or *something*?!?

> defoma is a font registry. If you register your fonts through defoma,
> they are made available to both fontconfig and x-ttcidfont-conf (and
> other font-using stuff). The purpose of the latter is to provide a
> fontpath for legacy X applications that don't use fontconfig.
Except that it doesn't work "out of the box".  :-P

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