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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Quoting John Hasler (john@dhh.gt.org):

> > The International Standards Organizations operates by consensus. The
> > flip-side of consensus is that everyone has a veto.
> Wrong.  Taiwan not only has no veto, it has no vote.

In United Nations. We're not talking about United Nations there, we're
talking about International Standards Organisation, which is by the
way a community of National Standard Organisations mostly, so
certainly not a USA organisation.

I don't have currently net access, but it is perfectly possible that
Taiwan, or the Taiwanese National Standards Organisation is indeed
member of the ISO. Or maybe not. 

Again, in *this* thread, I will just try to avoid misunderstandings or
wrong interpretation be spread out. 

Deep discussion should go into -boot....I just sent a few facts there
about all this....(however, with some intermittent net access
currently, the discussion is not really easy)

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