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why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Give me a break; if you have a problem with the boot disks, 
try sending a clear mail calmly stating your problem to the  
boot disk list. If it is not resolvable there, you might 
want to send a message to debian-devel calmly stating your 
problem. Under no circumstances should this mail be sent 
to debian-user. 
> Anyway, my buddy Andrew Lee sent me this for me to proofread, but 
> instead I felt I'll just post it more widely for him, (naturally 
> before researching the issue further :-)) 
That's because Andrew Lee is wiser than you. This has nothing 
to do with Debian as a whole; we have no standard practice 
for naming Taiwan; we usually just copy upstream. If you have 
a problem with one specific case, then the best thing to do is 
politely mail the maintainer of that package.  
David Starner - dvdeug@debian.org 
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