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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Quoting Weaver (weaver@weavers-web.org):

> I'm sorry, Christian, but the above statement is radically wrong.

I already stated and mentioned that, yes, I was wrong on that point.

But I did so in the list this thread should belong, imho.....I won't
switch it back to it as this would add more confusion again....

For rationale and current state of reflexion about this topic, please
refer to recent posts to -boot.

> I should further note that this adherence to 'official'
> standards is liable to offend others, also.
> Macedonia (contrary to popular belief, the 'c' is a hard, 'k' sound),
> was not just yugoslav territory, it is still claimed by the Greeks.

On that point, I guess *you* are wrong. Konstantinos explained this in
-boot and I also gave a very serious reference to issues related to
the Macedonia name problem.

For greeks, as far as I understood, Macedonia is already part of their
country...this is Greek Makedonia

Anyways, the issue is indeed different because it seems that some kind
of compromise has been accepted by all parties on the MK issue, at
least temporarily.

Which is of course not the case for Taiwan (yes, I also call it

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