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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

This is exactly the reason for which I suggested the name change for
"Taiwan" in iso-codes. As far as I know and as far as I have
understood, the "Taiwan, province of China" name is accepted by both
People Republic of China and "Republic of China" ("Taiwan").

I'm sorry, Christian, but the above statement is radically wrong.
The preferred viewpoint on the mainland is, that in time, the past kuomintang stronghold of Taiwan, R.O.C., would become incorporated into China. In emphasis of this, the preferred mailand political appellation of Taiwan is,'Taiwan, Province of China.'
This concept is anathema to the Taiwanese.
The post by 'Tetralet' is an honest expression and appraisal of the situation.

I should further note that this adherence to 'official'
standards is liable to offend others, also.
Macedonia (contrary to popular belief, the 'c' is a hard, 'k' sound),
was not just yugoslav territory, it is still claimed by the Greeks.
Alexander, his father Phillip, and Bucephalus, remember?
Both sides, Greek and Yugoslav, are offended, and some even outraged by the others' proprietary stamp.

If you want something to work, keep it simple.
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Don't complicate things.


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