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RE: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Branden Robinson wrote:
> We have nothing to gain by taking sides political conflicts like this.
> [...]
> If some governmental interest needs to bowdlerize our distribution to
> satisify their political sensibilities, they can go ahead.

IMO, this is really not about taking sides, and I think it's not about
bowdlerization either.  It's about providing a list of countries
(technically speaking, localities on the country level that officially
have distinct names) for the user to choose his own one.  It helps neither
the Chinese nor the Taiwanese in any way we should care about to call
Taiwan "Taiwan, Province of China" in that list, it just makes the name
longer and bulkier.

It's not as if human users needed an accurate transcription of the ISO
country names list.

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