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Re: Corel photopaint and Sarge

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 06:17:11PM +0930, Conrad Gittins wrote:
> >>It works with Woody but not Sarge due I suppose to changes in new
> >>versions of various libraries.
> On further searching it appears to depend on xlib6g which has been 
> depricated.  I assume that little can be done because there ain't no 
> source for photopaint to modify.  I may have to settle for two separate 
> installations of Debian.

Actually not necessarily. The xlib6g package name was phased out (because it
was way obsolete), but the libraries inside xlibs (the "new" package name)
may still support your old PhotoPaint.

Try it with dpkg --force-depends first, and if it works, fetch the xlib6g
package from woody (or build one yourself with equivs) and the dependency
chain will be okay.

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