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Re: Corel photopaint and Sarge

Steve Langasek wrote:
Hi Conrad,

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 04:45:35PM +0930, Conrad Gittins wrote:

Has photopaint been overlooked or is it now disregarded. It works with Woody but not Sarge due I suppose to changes in new versions of various libraries. I use it mostly for working with large digital photo files since it is actually better for that purpose than the Gimp.
What's the story?

Well, Debian certainly doesn't have the resources to test for
compatibility with all arbitrary, third-party, binary-only software.
But if you'd care to provide details on what isn't working (preferably
as a bug report against the package causing the breakage, if you know
what package that would be), it's possible someone would be able to
fix this before the sarge release.

On further searching it appears to depend on xlib6g which has been depricated. I assume that little can be done because there ain't no source for photopaint to modify. I may have to settle for two separate installations of Debian.



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