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Re: Packages with unusable documentation

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 10:35:32AM +0200, Otto Wyss wrote:
> To solve my mkinitrd problem I searched for solutions. Each time someone
> has run into my problem he was asked if module-init-tools are installed
> and each time it was answered yes. Unfortunately also each time no
> further action is mentioned.
> I looked into module-init-tools to find out what's doing. First I tried
> "man module-init-tools" which didn't work. Second I looked into
> "/usr/share/doc/module-init-tools" just to discover there is just
> useless common facts. Third I started dselect and read the package
> description which didn't help further.

How about this simple pipe

  dpkg -L PACKAGE | egrep '^/usr/share/(info|man)/'

as a starting point?

 . Siggy

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