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Re: Renaming GNUstep packages

> * The only way I can see this happening is if a user is running
> "apt-get install" blindly looking for packages, or scrolls down
> through thousands of packages in a package manager interface like
> synaptic, aptitude, or dselect, seeing the terminal package, ignoring
> the description (maybe by covering one eye?), and choosing it.

Being able to scroll through thousands of packages and know at a glance
which ones you *don't* want is also advantageous.  I can skip over
"gnustep-terminal" without having to read any further, but something
with a generic name such as "terminal" would probably demand my further
attention, even if this is just selecting the package and reading the

I realise the time taken to do this for a single package is quite small.
But multiply this by even a small fraction of the number of packages in
debian, and you find that being able to make fast decisions on lots of
packages is quite a good thing.


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