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Re: ifupdown needs an actual maintainer

According to Anthony Towns:
> No, you should have mailed me because it's almost certain I have more idea
> of what's going on with ifupdown than you do.

I didn't seek information about the package.  I wished to address the
bug in Debian that allows a non-maintainer to be a "maintainer".  Since
you are quite evidently part of that bug, I had nothing to ask you.

I suppose this is going to take a GR modifying the rules for "MIA" to
include "MIA for purposes of maintenance of a given package".  But of
course that will take more time than your simply Doing The Right Thing.

(All technical information required for package maintenance is in the
package, if one looks hard enough; source code is its own documentation,
given enough time and effort.  Taking over packages from MIA maintainers
is done all the time, after all.)
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