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Re: ifupdown

On Tue, 23 Mar 2004 11:01:04 +0100, Clemens Wacha
<clemens.wacha@gmx.net> wrote:
>There are some features I really miss in debians networking stuff.
>Namely the ability to use schemes and the keyword metric for devices and
>routes. I downloaded the original ifupdown program but I have no idea
>what its all about. I decided to do a rewrite for my own purpose and
>wanted to ask if somebody is already working on it.
>My verion of ifupdown would be in C and compatible to the old ifupdown.
>Comments are welcome.

Go ahead with the rewrite, but try to coordinate with the other people
working on improving ifupdown. It's a pity that ifupdown's original
maintainer is not among the people working on the package. He might be
helpful with the numerous NMUs, but he doesn't surrender his baby to
people who might care more than him. That attitude in a _very_ central
part of the system is saddening.


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