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Re: Bug#241627 acknowledged by developer (Renaming packages)

On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 10:48:09PM -0800, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> Sorry for the list noise; the bug reporter used what appears to be a
> fake email address to report these bugs, but mentioned debian-devel in
> the bugs, so I figured I'd CC the list in hopes that he gets this
> message.

It's a real email address.

> I'm not trying to be recalcitrant; I just don't feel like going
> through the trouble of renaming the packages without good reason. I'll
> be happy to rename any one of these packages if a more important
> package or pseudo-package comes along that needs the name. I'll be
> happy to comply with official or unofficial naming conventions for
> GNUstep apps.

Read the archives: the general consensus is it is land-grabbing and 
naming a package "terminal" across the Debian namespace implies some 
degree of canonicality across the Debian namespace, when in fact it is 
only canonical within the GNUStep namespace.

You should name the *packages* gnustep-foo, not foo.

I hope the others on -devel who complained about GNUSteps package names 
will now speak up and urge this guy to use less confusing names.

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