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Re: The new broken world of 2.6, ALSA, and hotplug.

#include <hallo.h>
* Bernhard R. Link [Thu, Apr 01 2004, 10:11:43AM]:

> > Please try to think yourself in the shoes of a newbie. You, as a 
> > expert/poweruser can easily override hotplugs behaviour to workaround bugs in 
> > the _kernel_. 
> Well, I had to help some newbies that were bitten by hotplug. And I

Then help to fix it, write bug reports.

> personally prefer to deinstall it on computers newbies have to cope
> with, as I as "expert" might now what to do, a newbie is helpless in
> regard with hotplug.

That is your personal problem. "experts" often prefer to deinstall every
automati solutions and configure manually since they know what they do.
Experts do not need hardware detection. Experts do not need GUIs. 

"Expert's" are what we do not discuss here. When $newbie buys a knew USB
mouse, he is in trouble without hotplug.

> > A newbie will not know how to populate /etc/modules .
> I don't know what kind of newbies you are talking about. But I found 
> having a file where one can place names in and a directory with the names 
> in it and a command called modprobe to try which one it is, to be a

 - You need to use an CLI editor
 - You now to need the module names
 - You need to keep a specific order (because Linux sucks and there are
   no good ways for applications to use devices by their characteristic
   data, and the device-name <-> device mapping is not reliable)

> concept so easily that anyone can understand it, that is able to use a
> keyboard.

And you are not a bit biased, no? I guess you never had to teach REAL newbies.

> > And it's not hotplugs fault that various modules cause crash with 
> > powermanagment, or drain battery more than they should. We should really
> > use more time fixing the problems rather than working them around.
> It's not hotplugs fault that kernel modules crashes, or that unloading
> pcmcia modules hangs a computer or or or. But these are all problems you
> do not have without hotplug. And while I agree the problems are really
> something that should be fixed, running hotplug is simply a risky

System security by obscurity? AMEN.

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