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Re: The new broken world of 2.6, ALSA, and hotplug.

* Marco d'Itri translated into ASCII [Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 12:23:10AM +0200][<[🔎] 20040331222310.GA19100@wonderland.linux.it>]
> On Mar 31, Scott Robinson <scott@tranzoa.com> wrote:
> > However, the simple fact that hotplug's enumeration occurs even in single
> > user mode is another example of the core issue. When (not if) the PCI
> > enumeration breaks a system, a user cannot recover without an separate boot
> > system of some sort.
> Then it's a kernel bug. The drivers cannot be loaded later because they
> will be needed e.g. for configuring the network.
> init=/bin/bash is more than enough for recovering, BTW.

A newbie would run with the recovery option as most commonly presented.
(single user mode, as is specified in all sorts of docs and GRUB defaults.)

That said, if something is screwed so fundamentally, they'd have to get
support from someone who knew anyway.

> > ===> This part of the packaging will be improved. <===
> And it has, check the package I uploaded today. (And READ THE CHANGELOG.)

Hmm. That was from the README.Debian that I downloaded today. (0.023-2)

I guess I'll have to wait until -3 percolates through the system.

> > Why not support devfs and traditional style naming simultaneously?
> Why not? Read again README.Debian and you will learn how to do it.

I was talking about out of the box. But, someone else already responded why
that's not the hotest idea.


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