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Re: Proposal: /etc/friendlynames

Number Six <40311.nospam@comcast.net> wrote:

> You're dancing around the issue that some people are landgrabbing.

I'm not dancing around the issue. If your program is known as tupim,
everyone is happy. When someone talks about your program, everyone that
knows it thinks tupim. When someone talks about tupim, everyone that
knows it thinks about your program.

Now, if an ubiquitous 'pim' program actually refers to 50 different
programs, that is rather bad IMHO.

This particular problem (around 'pim') is both quite simple and
unimportant for -devel. I will not discuss it any further.

On a side note, how about using your real name now or forgetting the
idea of getting your package in the archive? It will be pretty hard to
remain anonymous if you have a package in the archive.


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