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Re: Bug#238948: Display README.Debian for new installs?

What about when there's a useful upstream README instead of a
README.Debian? Additionally, sometimes README.Debian isn't there as a
"read me first," but more like a reference in case something goes wrong.
 Without a policy saying specifically what needs to go in such a file,
it would be a little hard to know what to display or if it's worth

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Package: apt-listchanges
> Version: 2.51
> Severity: wishlist
> Since apt-listchanges can already extract arbitrary files, this wouldn't be
> difficult to implement.  There is some question in my mind as to how the
> display would work, since README.Debian isn't in a standard format, and is
> probably too much information to display unconditionally.
> It's convention that README.Debian is the place that the user should have
> looked first (even if they don't have problems), and it might be good for it
> to be more visible.
> So, I'm floating the idea here for discussion.

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