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Re: Configuration (File) System


Actually, key point in this example is not an effective bandwidth usage method 
(preventing whole Openoffice download). Making decisions about needs for an 
helper application to view the document and getting from around, more 
important. Its just an example and there are more complex scenerios you 
know :) I'm just trying to say that, we've lots of experience in Gnu/Linux 
systems and package management systems so important. It is not necessary to 
develop a new filesystem to improve the package manager as M. Zimmerman said. 
But, in my view, such a file system helps a lot to package manager, and made 
it transparent from the higher levels (think that, you're using debian and 
your VFS brings a binary from redhat system, this operation not triggered by 
package manager or a user). Maybe its time to start thinking about future's 
Gnu/Linux systems (not in the debian-devel list :)


On Thursday 18 March 2004 21:37, Enver ALTIN wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 19:40 +0200, Murat Demirten wrote:
> > I'm just thinking about future of Gnu/Linux desktop systems. We have to
> > store some package specific metadata into filesystems. Package management
> > must be done in filesystem level (probably a network file system). If
> > file foo belongs to package bar, filesystem must be aware of this. There
> > may be lots of advantages, just an example: You are a desktop user, and
> > Openoffice is not installed on your system. You've got an email, which
> > contains an excel document, and you have to see it as soon as possible.
> > What must we do? Downloading whole Openoffice package about 50+ MB? But
> > your friend near by you, has openoffice installed. You just want to an
> > excel viewer. So, why we can't use excel viewer of your friend? It can be
> > done automatically (with proper authentication setup) and your Gnu/Linux
> > system browse the whole local network, finds installed excel viewer
> > applications and downloads them, install them and you can look at the
> > excel document. Or, if finds any excel viewer, it does not necessary to
> > install, it opens the document on your friend's computer and it takes
> > only X output.
> A short overview of what we have been discussing in desktop-devel-list
> at GNOME is, the filesystem layer in current UNIX implementation is not
> ready to do so. And actually, current implementation of MIME system
> worldwide is not designed to handle this (your mail agent will need to
> include more `metadata` about the file attached to the message you will
> be sending). So it's just, you know, the future :)
> Anyway, probably future will bring more, as it did in the past.
> Hopefully Internet will be _A LOT_ faster, so there'll be no difference
> between downloading the file from your friend and a Debian mirror on the
> Internet. Just like the processing power evolution, communication speed
> will probably increase, dramatically.

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