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Re: check for Sarge or Sid

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder schrieb:
> I installed potato long time ago, upgraded to woody, installed some things
> from sarge later, and some things from sid. (For the most important parts
> are KDE which is from sid, and libc6/gcc/binutils/... which are from
> sarge. With all the dependencies, I suspect there's not much of woody left
> by now.)

I did the same and doing 
apt-show-versions | grep /stable |wc -l
apt-show-versions | grep testing |wc -l
apt-show-versions | grep unstable |wc -l
shows 0/1399/233 packages. So yes, nothing of Woody is left.

This could be usefull for the OP as well:
Distribution distinction by majority...? :o)


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