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Re: check for Sarge or Sid

On Monday 15 March 2004 02.19, GCS wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have to implement a test, which would say Sarge on a testing box and
> Sid on an unstable one. How can I achieve this? /etc/debian_version
> contins the same on both (no suprise here).

And what should it output on my box?

I installed potato long time ago, upgraded to woody, installed some things 
from sarge later, and some things from sid. (For the most important parts are 
KDE which is from sid, and libc6/gcc/binutils/... which are from sarge. With 
all the dependencies, I suspect there's not much of woody left by now.)

In short: you can't always tell if it's a 'woody installation', or a 'sarge 
installation', or a 'sid installation'. Perhaps you'll just output the where 
the 'base-files' package came from? But I'm not sure how useful this 
information is for you.

-- vbi

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