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Re: can i upload this to security.d.o?

also sprach Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2004.03.14.1535 +0100]:
> No, you can't.  a) because you can't access the queue and b) because
> you havent read the security FAQ or developers reference.

I know of both of these, and I have read the related docs. However,
there is no mention of what to do in case that a security update
breaks a different package, which seems to be the case here
(although I have not researched this in full depth).

Now, obviously I don't have access to security.debian.org; I would
have assumed that you'd have read my question whether I can upload
to s.d.o as whether I should bother (and make you guys bother) with
an update, or whether I can just as well forget the update.

> Apart from that I'm interested to learn what broke and how it
> would be fixed.

It's probably a backport of some of the million of patches in
Herbert's packages.

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