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Re: can i upload this to security.d.o?

martin f krafft wrote:
> According to bug#231858, currently it's not possible to use
> grsecurity on Woody. The latest kernel on woody is 2.4.18, and
> apparently some security patches have propagated back into that
> kernel that break grsecurity.
> Thus, my question: I'd be willing to fix grsecurity wrt woody and
> 2.4.18. Could I upload the fixed version to security.d.o? Or should
> I just declare grsecurity to be unusable on woody and tell people to
> get newer, non-woody kernels?

No, you can't.  a) because you can't access the queue and b) because
you havent read the security FAQ or developers reference.

Apart from that I'm interested to learn what broke and how it would
be fixed.



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