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Re: Plan of stardict

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Roy Hiu-yeung Chan wrote:

> sorry. the link should be
> http://www.debian.org.hk/~voidoo/debian/incoming/
Found it now.

Remarks to the WordNet changes:
  1. Please do change the version number if you change the package!
     I think an apropriate version number would be _2.0g-4.1 .
  2. Please edit the changelog to represent you changes to the package.
  3. After having a short view (correct me if I'm wrong!) the stardict
     format seems to be not very different to the dict format.  I wonder
     if it would not be more sane to patch stardict that it will be able
     to access dict databases directly.  This would save a certain amount
     of disc space.
  4. Once these issues are solved I'm willing to integrate this into
     WordNet provided that the Build-Dependencies (stardict-common > 2.4.3)
     are available in Debian.  (Well if 3. is solved - which would be ideal
     I would have to do nothing ...)

Kind regards and thanks for caring for this orphaned Debian package


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