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Plan of stardict


The stardict package had not been update for a long time. StarDict
is an offline international dictionary program written  in
Gtk2. It has powerful features such as Glob-style pattern matching,
Scan selection word, Fuzzy query. And it got some conversion tools
which can convert other dictionaries like Freedict, wordnet, gcide
to in own format.

I had chat with the current maintainer Anthony Fok and finally come
out that I will take over the package and he would be my sponsor
(while I'm not an official developer)

Packing an upstream stardict package is not a hard jobs. The main
problem is that stardict have add many dictionaries since the last
debian package and the source of those dictionaries is not clear
and need to be discuss in debian-legal before added in Debian.

I had already pack the latest version of stardict but it doesn't
contains any dictionaries. To make it can be usable ASAP.
I planned to modify existing dictd dictionary packages (e.g.
dict-wn, dict-gcide, dict-freedict-*) to make them produce
one more binary package which contain the stardict format of
the dictionaries. After finish those non-problematic dictionaries,
I will start to process the problematic dictionaries in debian-legal

Sure, I need help for the above plan. Indeed, I had already
finished the modification of wordnet. People who feel interest
can have a look in http://www.debian.org.hk/~voioo/debian/incoming/
and give me some comment. I will submit the patch to the
maintainer of wordnet later if it is alright and will start
the work on other dictionaries.

I will also propose to add a virtual package names stardict-dictionary
for each stardict dictionary package later.

Basically, I would like to collect some comment here and see if
the above plan is already.


Roy Chan

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