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Re: Plan of stardict

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Roy Hiu-yeung Chan wrote:

> can have a look in http://www.debian.org.hk/~voioo/debian/incoming/
  The requested URL /~voioo/debian/incoming/ was not found on this server.

> and give me some comment. I will submit the patch to the
> maintainer of wordnet later if it is alright and will start
> the work on other dictionaries.
Speaking as WordNet maintainer I see no problems in supporting Stardict
if you send a working patch.  Some weeks ago I asked on debian-qa list
about the state of this package and I'm happy that somebody now wants
to start active maintenance.

> I will also propose to add a virtual package names stardict-dictionary
> for each stardict dictionary package later.
Seems reasonable.



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