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New task: Development/Ada

Hi all

I would like to propose a new task for tasksel, aptitude, and any
other task-aware package management tool: Development/Ada.  There are
currently approximately 40 binary packages that would be eligible for
this task, with more to come.  I feel that a new task would be more
appropriate than an empty meta-package because of platform issues.
Not all packages are available on all platforms, which would make
dependency handling with the meta-package problematic.

As I am the maintainer of a majority (34 and growing) of these
packages, I can handle any coordination duties necessary.

I would like to gather your opinion on this.  In case you're wondering
which packages I am referring to, see


Additionally, I think the following packages are also eligible:
ada-reference-manual, gch, libadasockets, and adacgi.

Ludovic Brenta.

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