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Re: Co-maintaining Kaffe


As an up-up-stream maintainer for GNU Classpath, which is used by kaffe
and as a kaffe developer I must say that I find some emails about
maintaining the kaffe package for Debian highly unfair to Arnaud. Arnaud
does all the work on kaffe and communicates with lots of other package
maintainers and upstream developers about what the best course of action
is to get a great kaffe platform in Debian. Ean gives the impression
that people like Arnaud don't try to communicate with him. But the fact
is that Ean doesn't seem to communicate at all. Except now to claim that
he is still the "official" Debian maintainer and that everything should
be cleared with him. Ean knows damn well that he never replies to any of
the requests people send him or look at any of the bugs filed against
the kaffe package.

People on the debian-java list were really happy when Ean accepted the
fact that he was essentially not the maintainer anymore and let Arnaud
(and others) be co-maintainers. They respected his request to be the
maintainer in name since this was his last official debian package. And
they were really happy with Ean his suggestion of setting up a
kaffe-strike force. But since then Ean hasn't worked together with this
strike-force at all.

Arnaud was the person going through all the bugs filed against kaffe.
Checking with upstream whether or not they knew about it and helping fix
issues for users. Arnaud was the person going through all the Debian
specific patches with the upstream developers to see whether or not they
were still needed or whether they could be integrated upstream. Arnaud
was the person to work together with other package maintainers to setup
http://java.debian.net/. Arnaud gave a presentation together with the
main kaffe developer at FOSDEM to talk about issues packaging kaffe and
other packages depending on kaffe. Arnaud discussed what to do about the
fact that kaffe has been broken for a couple of architectures for a long
time. On the kaffe mailinglist he posted the Debian buildd logs to help
correct errors. And he was the person that asked upstream how they
wanted the kaffe package in Debian to be handled to finally get it into

It feels like Ean is hiding behind some Debian policy to keep people
with more enthusiasm and time from maintaining the package. They have
asked Ean time and again to join them in their efforts, to communicate
with them on packaging issues (through personal emails from Arnaud,
emails on the debian mailinglists, filing and documenting issues in the
bugdatabase, etc), but he seems to ignore all the hard work they do.

I would advice Ean and Arnaud to call each other on the phone one of
these days to talk it out. Or maybe that some other less involved Debian
developer discuss the situation (off-list) with them to see what the
most appropriate action with respect to maintaining kaffe for Debian is.
Ean his idea about having a kaffe-strike force was good. But all people
will have to communicate and participate in the strike force for it to



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