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Co-maintaining Kaffe


Hi Arnaud,

First, I would like to start by saying how much I appreciate your enthusiasm 
and all of the hard work you are putting into Kaffe. I think that your 
efforts are definitely producing a better product and I hope that we will be 
able to work together to provide Debian with a top-notch Java solution.

That said, I must protest whole-heartedly with the way you are dealing with me 
as the maintainer of Kaffe. Performing an NMU that adds yourself as an 
Uploader and uses a non-NMU version number is gross breach of protocol. There 
are defined methods for NMU'ing or even taking over a package if that is your 
intent and I entreat you to follow them.

I may be slow in my packaging of Kaffe but it is not as if I am totally 
unresponsive. You have made changes (such as disabling all DBS applied 
patches) that were not correct and would have benefitted from my input. 
Having to check if there is a NMU everytime I go to upload the package is 
getting old. You have already scuppered several of my uploads (including the 
recent 1.1.4) by simply beating me to the punch.

Circumscribe your excitement and go about things in the proper way if you wish 
to work with me on Kaffe. Following the process is an integral part of what 
makes Debian work.

Again, I deeply appreciate your work but I admonish you to follow procedure or 
I will take this up with Project leadership.


- -- 
Ean Schuessler, Maintainer
The Debian Project
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