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Re: Componentized linux?

> If we were to make componentized releases as soon as we got a fully
> working and tested PostgreSQL release, problems will arise with users
> of other sets - maybe gda2-postgres will break in the middle of its
> stable lifetime. That's not what we are looking for in Debian.

Yes, that's why the "stable" word in debian doesn't mean stable
software, but stable distribution. If we have a "componentized" linux we
can have stable software released earlier, but we couldn't get a stable

The example of postgresql and gda2-postgres illustrates very well the
problem. I can't see a way to "componentize" the choosing of wich
version of postgresql gda2-postgres should expect except then being
non-componentized. That's what "stable distribution" means.

There are other ways of getting "stable software" released earlier in a
"not-so-stable distribution", and I think componentization is not the
way, but (as I've suggested in other posts) categorizing the "upstream
status" of the software (is the upstream stable? beta? alpha?
vapourware?) and create a dynamic release (just like testing) that tries
to group all the software that have a "stable upstream status". [Yes,
it's a proposal]

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